New Bell Assembly

The assembly that will bear our new bells has been completed by specialist bell hangers Matthew Higby & Company of Radstock in Somerset. It will now be carefully taken apart again and transported to Hawkesbury, where it will be reassembled in our recently restored tower. The people in this photo by Ian Macfadyen show just how enormous the assembly is.

Meanwhile, the bells themselves are getting ever closer, due to arrive on Friday morning. (We’re not envying the lorry driver that has to bring 8 big bells down the lanes on his truck!)

If you’d like to view the bells on the ground, for the last time before they are hung aloft for centuries, come down to the church between 11 and 3 on Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd, Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th May, or at evensong at 6pm on Sunday. Exciting and historic times for Hawkesbury!

To find out more about the highly specialised craftsmanship of Matthew Higby & Company, visit their website: