Progress Report on the Bells

photo of Colin and Julia at the dumb bell
Colin training Julia on the dumb bell in his barn

The work on the new bells for St Mary’s Hawkesbury has begun with the formers complete along with the inscriptions, and the casting should also be complete now. They may even have been taken out of their moulds.

The pads for the steel frame have been constructed by parishioner Tim Watts, and we expect  the frame to go in around mid-September. We are hoping to have the bells in place before Christmas, but it may not be until early in the new yer.

The bells have all been named, and their names and inscriptions have been applied.

In the meantime, Hawkesbury Bell Ringers are practising on the dumb bell in Colin Dixon’s barn. Practice night is Tuesday from 6.30pm until 8.30pm. You are very welcome to join us. Phone Colin on 01454 299236 for more information.

St Mary’s Bell Ringers Acquire Dumb Bell

Colin Dixon, who organises the training for St Mary’s bell ringers, ready for when our new bells are installed, reports on a wonderful new piece of kit.

With very grateful thanks to John Appleby, the Friends of St Mary’s have acquired a dumb bell. This is a framework with a bell wheel and a weight instead of a bell. It doesn’t make a noise, but acts in exactly the same way as a church bell. It is an excellent training and practice device.

The dumb bell will reside at Severn View Farm on Inglestone Common and is available for both bell ringers and others to try their hand at ringing a church bell without the climb into the tower – or the noise.

Everyone is welcome to have a go. Age is no barrier. However, youngsters need to be tall enough to reach the rope properly. This means around eight years old or avoe.

When the new bells are installed n the church tower, the dumb bell will join them as a silent practice device.

Like to train as a bell ringer for St Mary’s? Please call Colin Dixon on 01454 299236 or email him.

Photo of dumb bell in use, with Colin teaching Debbie
Colin Dixon training Debbie Young on the dumb bell in his barn