February 2023 News

Colin Dixon, FOSM Chairman, writes:

The new west gate is now in place and, because it is made of oak, it should last many, many years. The old gate was very old and desperately in need of replacement.

Many thanks to Max Bleaken for sourcing and fitting the gate – it is an excellent job and we are very pleased with it.

The new gate is just one of the many things that the Friends of St Mary’s organises and pays for to keep St Mary’s Church looking wonderful.

The Friends of St Mary’s has only one purpose, and that is to support the church by providing the things that the PCC cannot afford or are displaced by other priorities for the money.

There are still many thanks that need to be paid for, so please join The Friends of St Mary’s, and your subscription will help to keep this beautiful church beautiful.

For details of our next fundraising event, a Festival of Words on Saturday 22nd April, click here.

Sunday 5th – Holy Communion (9.30am)
Sunday 12th – Evensong (5pm)
Sunday 19th – Family Service on theme of Lent (10.30am)
Sunday 26th – Evensong (5pm)

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